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If you were born on a day, you make a number. Learning your birth number gives you a new way to gain insight about your personality. You'd probably never believe that your hair holds so much information about you. In a way,  Hair Reading is a form of astrology. The numbers that come directly from you, relate to a planet. This section will help prepare you to further understand your relationship to the planets as they relate to your hair number.

All hair makes a number, either up or down. The hair numbers are typically found in hair that defies gravity, in the color of dark people's hair. The vertical lines in Caucasian hair swings according to it's nature. These are the properties of the Universe. Up and down, they cooperate together. The making of the vertical up numbers create things that are to be, the shaping of the vertical down numbers harnesses it so that you can see. Such as building a house, you start with the measurements, then the vertical is the structure.


The people of this planet represent both structures. The vertical numbers are visually the oldest in time (see the Pyramid Hair Chart on the Birth Numbers page). Both hair types have a story to tell.


The information that comes off of the Astrology numbers is done by a variety of number sequences. I have a format that I use to mix and divide the numbers, that gives me a sequence and a pattern, that gives gestures to suggest the personality of an individual.


You'd probably never believe that your hair is astrology.


The true numbers that come right out of you, attach to a planet that relates to you!



If you are a number 1 you are connected to planet Mercury

If you are a number 2 you are connected to planet Saturn
If you are a number 3 you are connected to planet Earth
If you are a number 4 you are connected to planet Mars
If you are a number 5 you are connected to planet Pluto
If you are a number 6 you are connected to planet Venus
If you are a number 7 you are connected to planet Uranus
If you are a number 8 you are connected to planet Neptune
If you are a number 9 you are connected to planet Jupiter



The zero is an entry to another Universe in this research, which will be discussed later.


All of these planets carry their own characteristics.


Here are some tidbits, but stay tuned for new information on the site that will be updated periodically.


Number 1

You have an even temper and you like to talk.


Number 2

You can smother your lover by being overpowering and reading people is one of your best attributes.


Number 3

You will be a great provider for family or a lover. You have excellent memories.


Number 4

Your are fun loving and you change direction and plans quite often.


Number 5

You have a strength where people tend to lean on you and you will hold grudges for a long time.


Number 6

You like to work from the back of a situation forward and people get from you what they give.


Number 7

You are a leader and usually show great wisdom. You are easy to get along with.


Number 8

You are very serious about life and very imaginative.


Number 9

You are a strong minded individual and you will love long and hard for short spells. A lot of times your mates will feel unloved.


If you are a double digit put both of your planets together. You will carry both personality traits. This is why it is sometimes so hard to understand yourself. In my research of hair, single digits are calmer, double digits have twice as many personalities to deal with. In other words, if you are single digit, you have one planets characteristics, if you are a double digit, you have two planets characteristics. If you have the same digit twice, you will have a double impact. For example, if you are shy, you could very well be an introvert, or if you love to talk you will find very often that people will be telling you to shut up.

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