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The hair numbers are older than this planet. How, you ask? Because the energies that make the shapes in your hair are the same as the energies found in space. The space energies that surround this planet have also proven to attract energies on this planet that allow certain hair types to defy gravity by standing straight up.




This chart represents numbers found in hair- the real numbers. If you were born on that day the hair will make those numbers.


Row 1:_______7________

Row 2: _____9. 1 7 ______

Row 3: ___9. 0 1 4. 6 ____

Row 4: _.5 0 .3 2 2 .5 8. __

Row 5:____ 6 .3 8 4._____



It could be argued by some scientists that this energy in space is nothing like the energy on this planet, such as, the loss of gravity where you kind of just float around.




Some science studies may say that the loss of gravity in space could accelerate the aging process. I wouldn't know about these types of studies, but I do know in my research that the hair does respond to an energy that is off the Earth's atmosphere. Not only responding by standing straight vertical up, or vertical down, but by also tracking the planets. Yes, the hair has a unique system that tracks the planet of it's number of making. The eight will attach to the eighth planet. In my study this planet is Neptune. The person born on the day of the eight is making the hair number eight. It all begins right here.



These shapes once assigned to a person on Earth, during and after birth, takes off running to the tune of your number. This is where you get your favorite colors, choosing whom you like or do not like, feeling of a spiritual sense that nature is beautiful, and the urges to create or build something that will make you happy and may help society. There are many books written on numerology on the market, in libraries, and other places. However, this is the first time the number is growing up with you in your hair from before birth, through death, and transmits after death and much to come. This is the first truth about how important you and your hair number will be in life.



The information in numerology is more then likely true, but now an even greater truth to know where these numbers come from, your hair. Now you can according to your hair number know your real:

  • Hair love,

  • Hair children,

  • Hair money,

  • Hair illnesses,

  • and much more to come.

The hair numbers magnetize to your mate, no more relying on hormones and a feeling of ecstasy that could end up badly. You will know your children at birth, their strengths, and their weaknesses. You will know who you should not marry. This is not evil unless you believe that a break through in the DNA science is evil. They used the hair to go way back in time so this study goes back about you, your hair.

How can a person rise out of indignation without knowing oneself?  Once you learn to embrace yourself, such a beautiful feeling for you all.


Your number carries secrets about you

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