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I found six hair types in my research. Below you will find a brief overview of those hair types. Check back regularly as we add more information.


Fine A and B

When receiving a relaxer or a perm, leave in your hair no longer than fifteen minutes using regular strength. This will aid in keeping a fuller look to your hair.


Medium A and B

Leave relaxer or perm in for twenty minutes using regular strength. Those that have fine hair grades that turn red in the sun has a tendency to be anemic.They also may have been sickly when young, with sinuses, colds, etc. Take care of yourself, take vitamins and eat healthy. Always choose a low pH acidic shampoo to avoid hair becoming too dry. Shampoo once a month or longer. For over oily hair select a low pH shampoo that will cut the oils on the hair.


Course A and B

When receiving a relaxer or perm, you may use full strength, leave it on for its full time. Be sure to do your ends last because they are not course.





The Cream of the Crop: "Natural Hair"

The cream of the crop of course is natural hair –which is what i shall address here.


**Fine hair…should use lemon rinse never shampoo. (One drop per oz. of spring water) suggested 2 drops for fine hair. 

**Medium hair…can use a low pH shampoo. And I’d recommend shampooing once a month. Leave in no longer than 10 min. (up to 5 drops per oz. of spring water)

**Course hair…can shampoo with a low pH shampoo. Recommend twice a month leaving in no longer than 15min. (7-9 drops per oz. of spring water)

Many shampoos strip hair of vital nutrients, unless you are born with excessively oily hair. African -American hair scalps produce very low amounts of oil. It could take up to 30 days to produce this rich oil and the scalp usually flakes before it is produced. It is suggested that you follow the above scale. Your own oils will make your hair softer and wavy.


The biggest problem is getting rid of the smells in the hair…

If you are excessively oily you can use a low pH balance shampoo without causing major damage to your scalp…the hair ends are dry because the oil flows very slow from our scalp to our strands. Environment is very difficult for this type of hair as it dries it out excessively fast.

Locks or braids should be maintained with lemon water - misting especially the ends.


Remember that odors are chemicals. Whether fried chicken or cigarette smoke, these substances are trapped within the hair causing a pungent smell. Along with other types of damages (check for updates pertaining to this topic) in my research smoking marijuana will definitely thin the hair out excessively across the top over a period of time. Trapped cigarette smoke can have an adverse effect due to the fact that it has been shown to link to lung problems and if for any other reason than you inhaling it constantly because it’s trapped in your hair.

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