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The word of the hair can be viewed on The Planets page. The word is called, Seals.

The Seals are the marks of the Master Grid or ancient letters found in the hair.

Are they a sign?


Webster's Dictionary, 1964 pg. 781

The Seal- A device with an identifying design or words cut into or raised on its surface. (the seals)

The name of a person is very important because it is in the name when, where, how, who and why:


Before time began on Earth and now in our present time such as today.

A destiny, placed in another universe, literally. A universe can be as small as a black dot or
as large as your deepest ocean. Your hair seems to hold information about things that have

just happened in your life or something many years back.

Possibly through the hairline in time (pun intended) as a protector for some.

If there is a such thing as magic, the name that the hair gives you, once you find out
that is, can turn your luck around in many situations. 

As in all science, there is a measure of protection for all people. For example, protection can be found in
helpful and harmful issues, such as, good and bad bacteria. This type of
information can also be found in the hair's DNA pattern making the hair another form
of protection. 

As mentioned in our dedication, she is the restorer of dimensions, times, space, lost souls, and places – WEWOY.

It is very possible that vibrations hold the key to life. Everything has a vibration
connected to it's being. As your name, it must vibrate with your space on this
planet. The name someone gave you may not vibrate for you, but the name your hair
gives you is your vibrating universal name and no doubt can be helpful in time. You
can learn this technique through scheduled sequences on this website. The hair has
a way of turning things from bad to good. Things seem to go better for you. Your
hair name must be seen first, because it is difficult to pronounce.

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